piątek, 7 lipca 2017

Dancing Dragons on silk scarf so you can take them anywhere you go!

The Dancing Dragons silk scarf

This silk scarf was painted... well, on a whim, really! I just wanted so badly to make it and the design finally became crystal clear in my mind, so I took a week of my normal chores and painted it!
Dancing Dragons silk scarf on ETSY!
That's me: Minkulul, with the Dancing Dragons silk scarf!
Here we go with some more pictures. Those were taken at my studio, so inside. Can you tell how silk shimmers and how it can change its tones and shades? This is so amazing to see this transformation: depend on the light type, you have a bit different scarf every time!
Hand painted silk scarf Dragon Dance is on Etsy now!

Dancing Dragons silk scarf is HERE
And here we have some pictures from the painting process. As I said, this one took me A WEEK!Why? Well, can you see all the scales on both dragons? Yay, it was almost like meditation with a brush!
Painting the Dancing Dragon silk scarf

The Dancing Dragon - painting outlines for the design on silk scarf
Would you like to know the technique that this scarf was painted in? Please check my post about silk painting the contours after using colorless gutta - the "stained glass" technique.

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