wtorek, 20 września 2016

If you can hand paint silk... why not hand drawn on it? New scarfs!

Still here and kickin'!

Oh, so much time has passed since the last entry!
So much have happened!

Our family is +1 now!
My sweet boy does not like to give me a lot of time for painting ;) go figure! Still, I am working!

As Monty Phyton would say
... and now for something completely different!

This Wing scarf is hand drawn on a white natural silk called Habotai, non transparent and a bit glossy. It is done with a special pen filled with silk paint!

 In a close-up you can see how detailed the Angel Wings scarf is! oh it was A LOT of work, a week if I am not mistaken. Totally worth it, tho! 

With hand drawn silk the important thing is to remember, there will be a front side and a back side, so the design must make sense on both sides. You can see it is a bit lighter on the back side, but all the nessesery lines and details are still visible!

And finally, a small teaser for the next post, with hand painted and then hand drawn silk scarf Sunflowers. Here they are, ready to be packed and shipped!