środa, 1 listopada 2017

Tit Birds scarf hand painted for the Christmas!

The Tit Birds scarf

Don't you just love them? They are like little fluttering ray of sunshine on a gloomy winter day.
I was asked to paint a Tit Birds scarf and here's how it turned out!
Tit Birds silk scarf by MinkuLUL
I added some red berries to spice up the color set for this scarves. I like all blue scarfs, but a dash of yellow and a bit of red makes it pop (I hope!)
Blue Tits scarf made of silk by MinkuLUL
Tit scarf: yellow and red on blue!

This is a slim scarf: 160 cm in lenght but only 24 cm wide. It's a perfect neck scarf.
Neck scarf: slim and sleek! Silk for all seasons on MinkuLUL 
I hope you will like this one! I love working with other people on new designs, so if you have an idea for a scarf, just let me know in a comment!

piątek, 7 lipca 2017

Dancing Dragons on silk scarf so you can take them anywhere you go!

The Dancing Dragons silk scarf

This silk scarf was painted... well, on a whim, really! I just wanted so badly to make it and the design finally became crystal clear in my mind, so I took a week of my normal chores and painted it!
Dancing Dragons silk scarf on ETSY!
That's me: Minkulul, with the Dancing Dragons silk scarf!
Here we go with some more pictures. Those were taken at my studio, so inside. Can you tell how silk shimmers and how it can change its tones and shades? This is so amazing to see this transformation: depend on the light type, you have a bit different scarf every time!
Hand painted silk scarf Dragon Dance is on Etsy now!

Dancing Dragons silk scarf is HERE
And here we have some pictures from the painting process. As I said, this one took me A WEEK!Why? Well, can you see all the scales on both dragons? Yay, it was almost like meditation with a brush!
Painting the Dancing Dragon silk scarf

The Dancing Dragon - painting outlines for the design on silk scarf
Would you like to know the technique that this scarf was painted in? Please check my post about silk painting the contours after using colorless gutta - the "stained glass" technique.

środa, 14 czerwca 2017

Firebird Wings silk scarf - painting process

XL silk scarf in red and gold - the Firebird Wings

Silk scarf Firebird Wings on Etsy
One of my biggest and boldest creations: the Firebird feathers creating pattern of wings I call Firebird's. Let me show you in a few steps how it was painted!

Painting the Firebird Wings scarf - colorless outline

In March I have designed and then painted the Firebird Wings.
Painting the Firebird Wings scarf - the centre piece
You can see all the colors used, the scarf was to big for me to keep paints on the table.
Silk scarf Firebird Wings without the outlines. You can find this one on ETSY.

Painting the outline - red and burgundy contours

Recently, I decided to add outlines to the design, to make the feathers pop!

Painting details outline for the Firebird Wings scarf.
The Firebird Wings scarf painted with outlines! There's me in the mirror!

Silk scarf Firebird Wings with contours painted - on ETSY
So, what do you think? I do prefer the scarf with outlines painted! It took a few days to paint but I think it's totally worth the work!

piątek, 28 kwietnia 2017

Stained glass on silk - silk painting technique

Hummingbird silk scarf

I am so proud of a new scarf I have painted recently! It is called Hummingbirds and it was designed as a 'stained glass' window!

Silk scarf 'Hummingbird' on ETSY

Close up of the hummingbirds on the scarf!

Silk scarf Hummingbirds with Hibiscus
If you are interested in how was it painted, take a look at some of my WIP photos!

Painting process and the Stained Glass technique

First - the design!
As stained glass windows are always build of smaller panels to make them more durable, I decide to divide my scarf in two squares and one rectangle (in the middle).
I decided to paint hummingbirds with pink hibiscus flowers on square panels. I had to make the colibri quite because I wanted them to stand out as accents among flowers.
The panel in the middle with hibiscus flowers I decided to paint life - size, to add variations to the design.
Blue background and purple - turquoise hummingbird.

Pink Hibiscus flowers and black outline.

Adding black outline after washing out the gutta.

Painting process taking a bit! All the lines have to be painted.
Painted scarf! Hummingbirs, hibiscus flowers and black outline for the stained glass effect!

piątek, 24 marca 2017

Painting in Purple - lots of scarfs!

My favorite color

I adore all things in shades of purple, lila and violet... it is a shame that this particular color won't go well with my complexion.
If I could I would wear only purple ;) but hey, what can you do? (I am an Real Autumn gilr, have you heard about 4 Season Color Analysis? That's really helpful when trying to find right color set for your clothes)
Still, I love painting purple scarfs and as lilacs are my fav flowers, there have been A LOT of Lilac scarves at my workshop lately!

Purple scarfs

I call this one "Synthetic Lilac" as this one has less details drawn with white contour but lots of play with shades and splashes of water.
Silk scarf Lilac hand painted and ready to go on ETSY

Hand painted silk scarf Lilacs on ETSY
Lilac silk scarf ready to go! on ETSY
 This one is called "Bouquet of Lilacs", flowers are tied with white ribbon. It's a neck scarf (128 x 28 cm) and painted in very dark purple - eggplant color set.
Silk scarf Bouquet of Lilacs with white ribbons on ETSY

Bouquet of Lilacs silk scarf

And finally the Wisteria scarf, if you are overwhelmed with Lilac (can you have enough of those? I doubt it!) Painted on Habotai Medium natural silk, which drapes gorgeously and is not transparent.
Wisteria silk scarf hand painted and then... drawn! On ETSY here!
Bright green with purple and white makes the Wisteria scarf!

The painting process of Lilac scarf

As I really like the pics of WIP (Work In Progress) here are some photos! Took with phone camera, so the colors are a bit off, moreover it was photographed at night... so beware!
Painting the Lilac scarf - on Etsy now

Painting the Lilac scarf - on Etsy now

Painting the Lilac scarf - on Etsy now

Painting the Lilac scarf - on Etsy now

If you are wondering which one of 4 Season Colors are you, here's a great page to do the analysis by yourself! Colormepretty!

środa, 22 marca 2017

Pink Pussyhat Girls scarf and... a paiting class in US

Pink Pussyhat  on a scarf?

Early this year I had learned about the Pink Pussyhat Project in US.
It is a amazing how people can get together to make change and fight for their rights. As I fully support the movement I decide to paint a scarf commemorating Women March on Washington.

Pink Pussyhat Girls silk scarfs - close up
Pink Pussyhat Girls silk scarfs

The silk painting class in US

Recently I was contacted by a wonderful silk artist and silk painting teacher Petrouchka Moise. She asked me for a permission to use the Pink Pussyhat Girls scarf as a pattern for her class. I was over the moon! 

Here's a link for the amazing MooiLabs event that was organized by Petrouchka

And here are some photos from the silk painting class! WOW!

Petrouchka Moise and her class on Pussyhat Girls silk scarf
Paiting the Pink Pussyhat scarf during the classes by Petrouchka Moise
Silk painting class at Mooi by Petrouchka Moise

I love this! Fantastic work everyone! 
It gives me a great pride to be - in a very small part - involved with such amazing event!

To see more silk painting events and other art events, please check the Mooi Labs!

czwartek, 19 stycznia 2017

Totoro silk scarf - painting process

Totoro silk scarf is ready!

When I started painting, I simply could not stop! I had a lot of fun!

 You can see I have take it all the way with color composition! I love sunny, bright and flowery colors and I think this goes well with Totoro.

There are 3 Totoros painted on the scarf: big on the one end and two small ones on the other end. There are also 3 Dustbunnies (or Soot Sprites), but they are small and well hidden :)

WIP photos - the silk painting 

I am very pleased with this design and I had great time painting. I took some photos to show you the process.
Paiting the Totoro scarf - almost done!

Some of the Flowers and Big Totoro are painted!

Totoro silk scarf - the begginig

Totoro silk scarf - gutta lines and a sketch (on the left)
 In the last picture you can see I have made a sketch first, along with the color set. I wanted to paint the biggest Totoro (Oh-Totoro) with a surprised expression, but instead I made him smile :)

It was a whole night job, and I am hoping to create another one based on this idea, but in white - gray - black colors, for geeky men ;)

...And what exactly is Totoro?

Oh This is simply one of the greatest movies (anime) of all times! If you haven't seen it, go find My Neighbor Totoro by Studio Ghibli right away! This is the most magical, heart - warming story ever told :)

Here's the Trailer for My Neighbor Totoro. Jus listen to this music :)

And that's the full picture here! Enjoy!
Totoro silk scarf - find it on ETSY!

środa, 11 stycznia 2017

Pride and Prejudice silk scarf

The Pride and Prejudice silk scarf is ready!

 Pride and Prejudice silk scarf on ETSY
Yay, I have painted both Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy! I am pleased with the end result so I hope you will like it too.

The idea

I decided to paint Lizzy and Darcy on both ends of the scarf, so when you put the scarves around you, they meet!
Pride and Prejudice scarves on ETSY

I was trying to get a watercolor style and feel to the painting, as watercolors was the medium of choice of the era. Still, I know none of the Bennet sister painted :P

The design

I have painted them in cameo style, profiles decorated with flowers (Lizzy) and leafs (Darcy).
Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy on a scarf - find it on ETSY

She is bright and lively, hence greens and colors of spring.
He is calm and quiet, therefore blues and dark greens.
In the middle of the scarf there is a title 'Pride and Prejudice' painted with fancy letters and multi-colored background.


I must say it took some time! I really enjoyed this work, but I have stayed up too late and I was to tired the next day... still, it was worth it! Thankfully, we have coffee.
It was a two day process, but on the second day I only did the 'outlines' - contours to the characters. If you like to see my process, check out this entry on painting the Peacock scarf.