piątek, 28 grudnia 2012

Duch, what a cold!

Got all my meds aroud me, there's laptop literally on my lap and Lord of The Rings beside my pillow. Still, hate to be sick because I've got so many wonderful thisng to do! There's a blouse for my friend with a dandylion pattern and a tie for a client... no, no, no. Gotta stay in bed :|
That's my first dandelion blouse, hope you like it! Next one will be white with violet pattern :D
Yes, that's all hand-painted.

sobota, 22 grudnia 2012

Fresh paint!

There's so many things in the world that one might be attracted to... I've always loved light and sun. Sunny patches, shades of leafes. As you can image it did took me to photography but I found it limiting. So theres always painting! Yes, that's it, that's my goal and love and purpose!
Hah, I went to a sensible University and took sensible classes... and still ended up as a painter :D I hope to publish some of my works here, to share with you - whoever wishes to listen - to share some of emotions and tips and inspirations.
My nativ language isn't English (obvioulsly!) so this blog is a perfect place to hide from my colleagues, beh, maybe even from my loved ones and from family: I strongly beleive everyone needs a refuge once in a time!

So, firstly, just a picture of my latest creation: it's silk shavl with waterlilies... you can find it here:

What was my inspiration? Just a lovely memory of running water, summer and flowers floating gracefully on a lake. Missing summer, aren't we all?