środa, 23 lipca 2014

Peek at my workshop - packing the scarfs

Here's a question: how to wrap the scarfs to make it beautiful for the customers, to give all the nessesery care instructions, yet not to make the package to heavy or to fragile?

For my Etsy customers I am packing silk scarfs in a plastic bag (so light! and you can instantly see the scarf after opening the envelope!) and I am adding a bow with two business cards.

 You can see the Peacock scarf in the wrapping process :)

The first business card has my name and my signature, the name of the scarf and the date of creation.
The second business card carries the instructions for washing and ironing.

I find it sufficient :)

Do you like it? How would you do it?

poniedziałek, 21 lipca 2014

Ready to go scarfs - 21th of July

I love creating new designs and new scarfs, but sometimes I need to slow a bit in creating process and just practice my manual skills.

I took this week of designing and focused on painting! This gives me such a joy :)

Here are some of this week READY TO GO silk scarfs on Etsy:

If you find something that you especially like, rest assured that the scarf will be sent to you in 24 hours :) 
Most of my scarfs are still made to order, which takes me from 3 to 5 days, depending on the complicity of the design. 
If you wish me to design something special for you, let me know!

piątek, 18 lipca 2014

Pale blue inspirations for silk painting!

Here's a selection of lovely Etsy handmade items in white - pale blue shades - a treasury called 'Early Morning'. Hope you will find it inspiring!

And here we have some gorgeous items from the list! Let's have a look:

 Such a lovely idea! This barefoot sandals are crocheted, hand made, from organic cotton. They are white, and what is really important - if you wish to give them as gift - they are "one size fits all". White, beautiful and there's a world - wide shipping :)

Delicate earrings, ideal shabby chic studs. Vintage style, as you can see. The earrings are 1/2 inch, with a pale blue and white flower. Stainless steel post are lead and nickel free, which is very important with earrings!

Lovely, lovely! Now off to make some sketches for a pale blue - white scarf! :) 


środa, 16 lipca 2014

How to paint with invisible gutta lines? The Autumn Scarf explained!

Check out Leanne Holt - Lost Gutta tutorial on Silk Artist blog.

I just stumbled across a great blogpost with fantastic tips on silk painting. Step by step it tells you how to create a painting on a scarf without the white gutta lines. 

I used this technique last year, to create hand painted 'Autumn' silk scarf.
It was really time - consuming. You have to use delicate, light silk to ensure that the gutta will work when you apply it on the first layer of paint. If you use to heavy silk, the gutta will not work and there will be 'bleeding'.

sobota, 12 lipca 2014

Free world - wide shippign everyone!

I am back after very intense six months... there were weddings, there was A LOT of work and painting... oh very good time indeed!

I will add some of my new works here now, just to make you wanna visit my shop on ETSY with 75 silk scarfs!! Yesssss 75... when did it happened?

Free world wide shipping till 20th of July. yeah, it's called Christmas in July on ETSY

And here's the newest scarf 'Poppies' - hand painted silk scarf with red and pink poppies.

This 'Poppies' scarf was painted as a gift for my friend... she was going to a great music festival (classical music in Wieliczka city in Poland) so I am very honored that she had chosen this scarf as a part of her outfit. She did inspire me to paint poppies one more time. I am sooo grateful for her inspiration (and for the yummiest raspberries she brought from her garden).