sobota, 12 lipca 2014

Free world - wide shippign everyone!

I am back after very intense six months... there were weddings, there was A LOT of work and painting... oh very good time indeed!

I will add some of my new works here now, just to make you wanna visit my shop on ETSY with 75 silk scarfs!! Yesssss 75... when did it happened?

Free world wide shipping till 20th of July. yeah, it's called Christmas in July on ETSY

And here's the newest scarf 'Poppies' - hand painted silk scarf with red and pink poppies.

This 'Poppies' scarf was painted as a gift for my friend... she was going to a great music festival (classical music in Wieliczka city in Poland) so I am very honored that she had chosen this scarf as a part of her outfit. She did inspire me to paint poppies one more time. I am sooo grateful for her inspiration (and for the yummiest raspberries she brought from her garden).  

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