sobota, 31 sierpnia 2013

Dreamming of May

Magnolia tree in our garden just bloomed... for the third time this year! It has very few flowers, but they're there! Great, dark pink, gorgeous flowers! In this part of the garden you may almost feel a breath of May... 

It inspired me to create a silk scarf with magnolia flowers, but first, the beautiful items in treasury...

 Beautiful photographed item, such lovely delicate colors. This lovely flower desings were collaged onto upcycled cardboard or handmade paper. Free shipping too - that's a nice touch!

 Beautiful painting (acrylic) on canvas, lovely and romantic composition, fantastic colors... I really love this original style, the women and the bird. It will look wonderful as a wall art at someone home!

 I love cherry blossoms! Do you remember this wonderful, spring fragrant? Can't wait, even now when the weather is great, can't wait for May and this gorgeous pink flowers!

piątek, 30 sierpnia 2013

Silk scarf Autumn Leaves... and a treasury!

Nowadays, I can feel autumn in the night air... the sun is getting colder and smaller on the sky. I just want to cuddle up at home with my laptop and good green tea :)
In our family garden, there's a beautiful maple tree, that has yellow leaves during the summer, and then it turns golden. It inspired me to create new silk scarf called Autumn Leaves in gold and brown colors.

The silk scarf 'Autumn Leaves' is quite big (90x90 cm) and it's ready to be sent!

I love this color set, so I decided to create a treasury inspired by gold - brown (and just a hint of violet) composition. Enjoy!

Magnificent photography! I just cant believe how beautiful it is! I love this strong gold light... can you see that this color is unique? Would love to visit that place. ARTIST: Scott Board

So absolutely cool! This shoes must be so cosy (hand felted). As the maker says:extremely wear proof and warm. Stunning and so delicate: amazing gold, brown and a bit of green colors. Important:
natural latex or rubber soles :) fantastic!

I really like this bracelet! It's so rare now to find a jewelery from wood - I think it's a wonderful material. I like the idea of oak and walnut (such strong trees, very meaningful) As the marker says 'the wood beads used on them are made of leftover woods' - very important!

And finally, here's the Warm Autumn Glow treasury - I love all the items, I adore the colors! Happy sales, everybody!

wtorek, 27 sierpnia 2013

Travel the World and the Seven Seas

Travel the World and the Seven Seas - my new treasury of lovely turquoise and ocean blue items, all inspired by a wonderful song and a beautiful bird painting. See some of my favorites below, here's the composition!


 I love everything about this Bird Painting by Dana Marie. Such an extraordinary color set. Fantastic idea for composition, detailed background and simple yet strong form on the foreground. Fantastic, lovely, one of a kind! 

Amazing! I love it! Such a wonderful colors! I love the model also, it must be very comfortable, yet boots look delicate and feminine. Love to have them! Oh, and the name! Love it - Earthquake Boots!

Lovely natural turquoise bag in oval shape. Applique is made from yarns in my favorite colors, the bag is made from oatmeal colored linen and it has a magnetic closure. Great design and idea!

czwartek, 22 sierpnia 2013

White and navy blue

My absolute favorite color set for clothes... navy blue and a bit of white. Of course there's always a risk of getting a "Navy look" something like a sailor costiume... so you have to be careful ;) here's some Etsy finds matching my Lord of The Rings silk scarf 'White Tree of Gondor' - hope you'll like it!

And here's my  blue - white collection of beautiful Etsy items! 
All of the items are really stunning, but I want to show you some of them closer!

This one is so beautiful! Very stylish dress, very ladylike, great colors. Could you believe it's only 20USD? Please know that this is a vintage item with imperfections (small, you can barely see it, I say)

Beautiful shoes, so blue and shiny! I love this type, yup, those heels look high, but still they look comfortable! This shoes are hand dyed, as the creator says: perfect "something blue" for wedding!

With this coat I fell instantly in love! It's so unique! yay. Made of 100% natural fibers including super soft wool, angora, cashmere, silk and cotton blends - that's a real treat.

wtorek, 20 sierpnia 2013

Fast and Furious -Trendsetting Treasury Team experience

Yesterday, one of my scarves was chosen for promo item on Trendsetting Treasury Team in Fast and Furious thread. Such an amazing opportunity! I would love to share my experience with you all!

Here's the promoted item: Silk scarf JAPANESE GOLD 

Firstly I participated in previous threads named 'Fast and Furious'. 
This group game requires no more no less but to promote a given item. I faved them on Etsy, Tweeted, Pinned and anded a fav from my personal Facebook page. It's highly recommended to make a treasury with this item as well, but it's not obligatory.

After a week or so I was informed (convo) by a wonderful KimandMark from three1seven  that my silk scarf JAPANESE GOLD was randomly chosen for promotion on 18.08. 

I've received such a wonderful feedback! Lot's of views (going up to 100) hearts and lots of such wonderful treasuries, that I've decided to share some of them with you!

 ゴールド by Aubrey Wingo from WingoWorks 

Thank you all for support and help in promoting my silk scarf Japanese Gold! It was a wonderful opportunity for me, and I'm more than sure to take part in next Fast and Furious games!
I've shared most of the treasuries on my Pinterest Board - if you wish to re-pin it! 

piątek, 16 sierpnia 2013

Black and White

Recently, I've painted black and white silk scarf with a feathers lineart in Art-Nouveau style. I'm more a rainbow-colors person myself, but this one was a real fun to paint! Hope you'll like it! I've found some more Etsy products in black and white and I fell in love with this simply, monochromatic color set!

This scarf was inspired by polish traditional art motifs, some tribal patterns... it took lots of work but I'm really pleased with it! It is shimmery and looks really exquisite because of the wonderful Habotai natural silk.

Just look at this dress! It's simply breathtaking! I am mesmerized! It's made of 100% mercerized Cotton thread. Fasionable, extermely feminile and classy. It's inspired by a 1950's shape but transformed into modern and unique fashion.

 Fantastic idea, also as a great gift! Photo print put into pendant tray, on a black necklace. I love dandelion patter and the nature feel. Lead-free and nickel-free - that's also important!

czwartek, 15 sierpnia 2013

Recently I've found some really lovely items on Etsy... I want to share them with you! Be sure to click on them to see more pictures in the owners shops.

 Absolutely gorgeous coat! I love this delicate peach/orange color... and the fasion is simply outstanding! can you imagine how warm and cosy it must feel? It makes wonders with every siluette, I'm more than sure! It's made of wool, could it be better?

I love this pendant! Oh so blue, so beautiful, simply perfect with all this little orange drawings! It's made from polymer clay, and it's inspired by a mokume gane. I bet it looks gorgeous on every blue/gray eyed gal!

Astonishing! I'm in love with this design, with it's colors and patterns... and the fashion! It must be really comfortable. Very original look, hippie or bohemian, love them both! Made from cotton, so it must be soft :)

And finnaly - the treasury - hope you'll like it! It's a composition of peach orange & turquoise items, that I find lovely!

poniedziałek, 12 sierpnia 2013

Chicago - aqua and blue Treasury

I'm back with new treasury - I really enjoy making them! :D Wish to have a better internet service :P but still... on this treasury you'll find some gorgeous dresses, earrings, scarfs and many many more.