piątek, 16 sierpnia 2013

Black and White

Recently, I've painted black and white silk scarf with a feathers lineart in Art-Nouveau style. I'm more a rainbow-colors person myself, but this one was a real fun to paint! Hope you'll like it! I've found some more Etsy products in black and white and I fell in love with this simply, monochromatic color set!

This scarf was inspired by polish traditional art motifs, some tribal patterns... it took lots of work but I'm really pleased with it! It is shimmery and looks really exquisite because of the wonderful Habotai natural silk.

Just look at this dress! It's simply breathtaking! I am mesmerized! It's made of 100% mercerized Cotton thread. Fasionable, extermely feminile and classy. It's inspired by a 1950's shape but transformed into modern and unique fashion.

 Fantastic idea, also as a great gift! Photo print put into pendant tray, on a black necklace. I love dandelion patter and the nature feel. Lead-free and nickel-free - that's also important!

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