wtorek, 20 sierpnia 2013

Fast and Furious -Trendsetting Treasury Team experience

Yesterday, one of my scarves was chosen for promo item on Trendsetting Treasury Team in Fast and Furious thread. Such an amazing opportunity! I would love to share my experience with you all!

Here's the promoted item: Silk scarf JAPANESE GOLD 

Firstly I participated in previous threads named 'Fast and Furious'. 
This group game requires no more no less but to promote a given item. I faved them on Etsy, Tweeted, Pinned and anded a fav from my personal Facebook page. It's highly recommended to make a treasury with this item as well, but it's not obligatory.

After a week or so I was informed (convo) by a wonderful KimandMark from three1seven  that my silk scarf JAPANESE GOLD was randomly chosen for promotion on 18.08. 

I've received such a wonderful feedback! Lot's of views (going up to 100) hearts and lots of such wonderful treasuries, that I've decided to share some of them with you!

 ゴールド by Aubrey Wingo from WingoWorks 

Thank you all for support and help in promoting my silk scarf Japanese Gold! It was a wonderful opportunity for me, and I'm more than sure to take part in next Fast and Furious games!
I've shared most of the treasuries on my Pinterest Board - if you wish to re-pin it! 

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