wtorek, 11 sierpnia 2015

What happens to creativity when I don't paint?

Creativity is like a drug... or like a obsession. If you have it, you know it. If you live with a creative type you probably can't believe that he or she just can't stand still.

When not painting (because gutta is drying up, it is too hot at my studio etcetera) I love drawing! I painted a lot of watercolors, but now all my brushes belongs to silk paints ;) Still, I have my pencils and a need to draw.

I love drawing landscapes, fantasy places and scenes. Nowadays, I have an idea for a medieval city on the wutering heights, so this will probably come next.

Here's an old picture of one of my drawing, then a work in progress.

It is done for some time but I haven't got a scanner and need to go into town to scan it! :)

If this teaser interested you, feel free to check my DeviantArt accont HERE and look into my gallery for some older drawings and watercolors!

piątek, 7 sierpnia 2015

It is so hot... and still no silk paints!

I am still waiting for my silk paints, can't start working without them :O

Beside drawing, I am working on my Etsy shop.
I love finding new gorgeous items on Etsy, so every once in a while I spending a few hours going through shops and listings.... here's what I have found today!

I am enchanted by them all but just look closely on this Kentucky Derby Hat from BoringSidney shop. OMG all of their hats are amazing. Just WOW!

This is also something very special. Spring Wreath from The BullBungalow made with grapevine. Gorgeous.

So yeah, hopefully my silk paints will be delivered today so I could start painting. I miss it!
In the meantime, enjoying ETSY finds :)

wtorek, 4 sierpnia 2015

Stocking up... and a sudden lack of paint

Stocking up

Yes, recently I had some more free time from painting regular orders, so instead taking time off (who needs to rest?) I decided to paint some scarfs as a smart way of stocking up for the fall season.

Currently I have 20 ready to go scarfs at my Etsy shop, YAY

... and a sudden lack of paint

 Uhhh this was an upsetting discovery!

 I do not buy all of the colors needed in painting, I mix my own colors from primary (yellow, red, blue and black) so one fine morning I was left with no more blue... which means no blue, green, violet... ahhh! no way to paint!

So I am taking my time of eventually :) 

Have a great summer - time!

sobota, 14 marca 2015

WIP - some pictures on silk painting from my studio!

So the spring time is almost here and I feel such a rush of positive energy! :D I love the fact that the sun is finnaly shinning through the window in my studio!

Soo... here's some pictures that I took recently while working...

 Finishing the Peacock scarf with blue outline!

 Bunny silk scarf white painting.

The Purple Sky White Tree and Lilac scarfs drying after painting.

wtorek, 3 marca 2015

piątek, 20 lutego 2015

Silk scarfs ready to go in February

Here are 3 of my February Ready-to-go silk scarfs! Some new designs as I finally had time to paint YAY :D


The most complex of my designs! Find it on ETSY!

Delicate and whimsical with lots of pet rabbits. Find it on ETSY!

Hand painted silk scarf White Tree 
Delicate white tree on a ombre blue background. Find it on ETSY!

piątek, 23 stycznia 2015

Peacock hand painted silk scarf - the second day of painting!

The Peacock scarf is one of my most time consuming scarfs, but I really love painting it :) The yellow - blue color set is my favorite.

Here's the second day of painting! Enjoy!

The scarf is placed on the stencil after the gutta was removed. In the background you can see also my 'White Tree of Gondor' hand painted silk scarf. 

You can see that the peacock's head is once again protected by a new layer of gutta, to leave it's outline white. All the other white lines will be painted blue or yellow!

 Some of the lines are already painted! Can you see the difference? Adding an opposite color (turquoise) to the gold color set I try to make them 'sparkle' and vibrant!

  The close-up. Oh, this is TIMECONSUMING! Thank's God for the radio...!

  And now for the blue half of the scarf, it get's yellow outline.

If you wish to see the previous stages for painting the Peacock scarf go to my blog post here!

czwartek, 15 stycznia 2015

Mucha Rose silk scarf - the 3 days painting process

So here are some pictures I've taken during the painting of the 'Mucha Rose' silk scarf. This one is in Art Nouveau style, very complicated and it takes me 3 days to paint.


This is only to make the lineart - the gutta outline.

 Doing the outline with gutta is the hardest step. Lots and lots of gutta goes into this Art Nouveau picture.


 Painting begins! Adding the first layer of paints takes the whole day!

 After the gutta had dried, I painted the face. This is probably the most challenging part, and it has to be done just right.  Then comes painting hair :) How I love her hairstyle :)

The girl is ready, now come the flowers! It takes the whole day to paint the scarf with the base colors. 


The silk paints are heat fixed and then the scarf goes for it's first wash :) Now the fun with the outline begins!

Painting the hair and eyes with deep brown is a delicate but rewarding work. I think the outline makes the picture come alive!

...and the 'Mucha Rose' silk scarf is finally ready!

As you can see this scarves is based on Alphonse Mucha art, I recreate his models with additional design to create a scarf. This is one of my favorites still really I feel more like a carpenter or as a student of great master when I paint it.

wtorek, 6 stycznia 2015

Peacock scarf - Day 1 of painting!

The Peacock scarf is one of my favorite, but it takes more than a day to paint! :)
Here's a sneak - peak on my creative process, Day 1. Enjoy!

Applying gutta - has to be precise! After washing, gutta leaves a white contour, I will paint the blue - gold lineart tomorrow.

 Painting blue feathers!

 .... lots and lots of blue feathers!
Here comes the golden - brown colors. Blues with gold makes my favorite color set!

 A lot of details! This literrally takes the whole day :) 
Yay, the painting is done for today! 

Stay tuned for the next entry: the colorful lineart!