piątek, 7 sierpnia 2015

It is so hot... and still no silk paints!

I am still waiting for my silk paints, can't start working without them :O

Beside drawing, I am working on my Etsy shop.
I love finding new gorgeous items on Etsy, so every once in a while I spending a few hours going through shops and listings.... here's what I have found today!

I am enchanted by them all but just look closely on this Kentucky Derby Hat from BoringSidney shop. OMG all of their hats are amazing. Just WOW!

This is also something very special. Spring Wreath from The BullBungalow made with grapevine. Gorgeous.

So yeah, hopefully my silk paints will be delivered today so I could start painting. I miss it!
In the meantime, enjoying ETSY finds :)

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