wtorek, 11 sierpnia 2015

What happens to creativity when I don't paint?

Creativity is like a drug... or like a obsession. If you have it, you know it. If you live with a creative type you probably can't believe that he or she just can't stand still.

When not painting (because gutta is drying up, it is too hot at my studio etcetera) I love drawing! I painted a lot of watercolors, but now all my brushes belongs to silk paints ;) Still, I have my pencils and a need to draw.

I love drawing landscapes, fantasy places and scenes. Nowadays, I have an idea for a medieval city on the wutering heights, so this will probably come next.

Here's an old picture of one of my drawing, then a work in progress.

It is done for some time but I haven't got a scanner and need to go into town to scan it! :)

If this teaser interested you, feel free to check my DeviantArt accont HERE and look into my gallery for some older drawings and watercolors!

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