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Painting stars on silk ... with milky way! *yumm*

The Star silk scarf

This scarf with constellations (really real, done them over a night sky chart!) and Milky Way galaxy was done as a special request on a pure silk in size 49 x 11 inches.

Silk scarf Starry Night with Milky Way galaxy on ETSY

How the scarf came to be? 

I love doing commissions! My customers always find themes or color sets that I would not think on my own, so it's really the best way to put your creativity and skills to the limit.

One of the first sketches, rough and quick but it spoke to my lovely customer!

We started with a few sketches, then we tried different colors and then... yup, I was facing the constellation map on my screen and later on a paper. I had to meticulously place each and every star of the zodiac signs to their rightful spot. It was a slow- going process, but totally worth the time!

Ready to see more photos?

Here they are! Note how the scarf is almost non transparent, but there's a delicacy and vibrancy of the pure silk. Oh, my favorite medium of all!
Starry Night scarf on ETSY
Starry Night scarves - the close up - on ETSY

Hello my dear readers!

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