piątek, 28 kwietnia 2017

Stained glass on silk - silk painting technique

Hummingbird silk scarf

I am so proud of a new scarf I have painted recently! It is called Hummingbirds and it was designed as a 'stained glass' window!

Silk scarf 'Hummingbird' on ETSY

Close up of the hummingbirds on the scarf!

Silk scarf Hummingbirds with Hibiscus
If you are interested in how was it painted, take a look at some of my WIP photos!

Painting process and the Stained Glass technique

First - the design!
As stained glass windows are always build of smaller panels to make them more durable, I decide to divide my scarf in two squares and one rectangle (in the middle).
I decided to paint hummingbirds with pink hibiscus flowers on square panels. I had to make the colibri quite because I wanted them to stand out as accents among flowers.
The panel in the middle with hibiscus flowers I decided to paint life - size, to add variations to the design.
Blue background and purple - turquoise hummingbird.

Pink Hibiscus flowers and black outline.

Adding black outline after washing out the gutta.

Painting process taking a bit! All the lines have to be painted.
Painted scarf! Hummingbirs, hibiscus flowers and black outline for the stained glass effect!

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  1. Piękny. Przypomina mi prace Renniego Mackintosha szczególnie.