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Painting in Purple - lots of scarfs!

My favorite color

I adore all things in shades of purple, lila and violet... it is a shame that this particular color won't go well with my complexion.
If I could I would wear only purple ;) but hey, what can you do? (I am an Real Autumn gilr, have you heard about 4 Season Color Analysis? That's really helpful when trying to find right color set for your clothes)
Still, I love painting purple scarfs and as lilacs are my fav flowers, there have been A LOT of Lilac scarves at my workshop lately!

Purple scarfs

I call this one "Synthetic Lilac" as this one has less details drawn with white contour but lots of play with shades and splashes of water.
Silk scarf Lilac hand painted and ready to go on ETSY

Hand painted silk scarf Lilacs on ETSY
Lilac silk scarf ready to go! on ETSY
 This one is called "Bouquet of Lilacs", flowers are tied with white ribbon. It's a neck scarf (128 x 28 cm) and painted in very dark purple - eggplant color set.
Silk scarf Bouquet of Lilacs with white ribbons on ETSY

Bouquet of Lilacs silk scarf

And finally the Wisteria scarf, if you are overwhelmed with Lilac (can you have enough of those? I doubt it!) Painted on Habotai Medium natural silk, which drapes gorgeously and is not transparent.
Wisteria silk scarf hand painted and then... drawn! On ETSY here!
Bright green with purple and white makes the Wisteria scarf!

The painting process of Lilac scarf

As I really like the pics of WIP (Work In Progress) here are some photos! Took with phone camera, so the colors are a bit off, moreover it was photographed at night... so beware!
Painting the Lilac scarf - on Etsy now

Painting the Lilac scarf - on Etsy now

Painting the Lilac scarf - on Etsy now

Painting the Lilac scarf - on Etsy now

If you are wondering which one of 4 Season Colors are you, here's a great page to do the analysis by yourself! Colormepretty!

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