poniedziałek, 25 sierpnia 2014

Hydrangea scarf... or Hortensia scarf?

Hydrangea or Hortensia? How is this flower called in your country?

This silk scarf was designed for my closest friend on her birthday... and it took me a YEAR! Oh yes, full year, from last July... but I am satisfied and she really likes it so I figure it was worth the wait :) The scarf is in turquoise - blue - grayish colors with white details and white border (oh yes, inspired by Japanese Kimono Art).
This Hortensia scarf is painted on Habotai Light (5mm natural silk) very delicate and a bit glossy. Hope you will like it!

PS in Poland we call it simply Hortensia. You would not believe it how popular is this Japanese flower in our country gardens :)

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