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Pride and Prejudice silk scarf

The Pride and Prejudice silk scarf is ready!

 Pride and Prejudice silk scarf on ETSY
Yay, I have painted both Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy! I am pleased with the end result so I hope you will like it too.

The idea

I decided to paint Lizzy and Darcy on both ends of the scarf, so when you put the scarves around you, they meet!
Pride and Prejudice scarves on ETSY

I was trying to get a watercolor style and feel to the painting, as watercolors was the medium of choice of the era. Still, I know none of the Bennet sister painted :P

The design

I have painted them in cameo style, profiles decorated with flowers (Lizzy) and leafs (Darcy).
Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy on a scarf - find it on ETSY

She is bright and lively, hence greens and colors of spring.
He is calm and quiet, therefore blues and dark greens.
In the middle of the scarf there is a title 'Pride and Prejudice' painted with fancy letters and multi-colored background.


I must say it took some time! I really enjoyed this work, but I have stayed up too late and I was to tired the next day... still, it was worth it! Thankfully, we have coffee.
It was a two day process, but on the second day I only did the 'outlines' - contours to the characters. If you like to see my process, check out this entry on painting the Peacock scarf.

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