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From sketch to scarf - creation proces!

Working with customers

This is probably the best thing about my job - silk painter - I am creating wearable art for ppl from around the world. I mean it! I had my scarfs sent to USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, RSA, China, Russia, all of the UE countries and so on and I appreciate every order I get. But sometimes the fun begins one step before painting. Sometimes I get to work with my customer on a custom scarf.
It is amazing, to have your ideas talked over with someone living in the other side of the globe. I am sitting here, in cold Cracow and there is someone thousand miles away, creating with me.

The Peacock Feathers scarf - custom order

Peacock silk scarf - on ETSY here!

It started with an Etsy message.
Nice lady inquired about a custom scarf for her mother. We decided on a size, silk type, an inspiration and color set, so I could present her with first sketches.

VERY rough sketches for the Peacock Feathers silk scarf - colored pencils

She chose one of the designs and told me what needs to be worked on. Based on her ideas I drawn bigger, more detail sketch.

More detailed sketch for Peacock Feathers silk scarf

We talk a bit more about colors. It was vital to my customer that the scarf will be vivid.

Once the design was accepted, I started painting.

Painting the custom order

It all begins with a gutta outline. The Peacock scarf is so big, that it took all of my studio!
It's me, MinkuLUL with the Peacock Feathers scarf

Here you can see half painted scarf. It has to be ironed, washed, put on stencils one more time and... yes, painted again, so the outline will be colorful. It enriches the design if you use colors instead of just leaving it white.
Huh, half done!

So here it is! Ta-da! 

As Sheldon from BBT says "Short form of Ta-ta-da-da!"
Close - up for the Peacock Feathers silk scarf!
Peacock Feathers silk scarf
Peacock Feathers silk scarf - on Etsy HERE

Wanna work with me on a custom scarf specially painted for you?
Please visit my ETSY shop and click the REQUEST CUSTOM ORDER button or just drop me a line in the comment and I will gladly contact you.

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  1. This scarf just shows how amazing You and Your art is <3 I am enchanted with every single detail. And this happens with every single piece You make <3