poniedziałek, 3 października 2016

Fox scarf and getting out of your comfort zone - art style!

Comfort zone sometimes has to be broken! 

I had lovely summer, painting in the garden, doing what I love the most: watercolor style, Art Nouveau style, lots of flowers.

 Yay, painted the Iris scarf in the garden in the country side!

Here we go!

Now, back in town, I decided it's time to do something spontaneous and different!

It's essential for painters to push their limits, experiment and find new ways for expressing themselves. I did that painting a Fox scarf.

This design is quite unusual for me.
First, the color set: red, crimson, a bit of orange and gray.
Then, the composition: I tried to simplify Japanese landscape; no ornaments, no - as my art teacher used to say - no unnecessary "chatter".

Simple lines, two foxes and strong colors - that was the trick! Hope you will like it!

Oh, btw. if you are experiencing an art-block, there's no better way to get out of it, than get out of the comfort zone with your creations!

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