piątek, 6 września 2013

VallondesTresors - hairsticks and much more!

How do you feel about hairsticks? I love it, can't wait for my hair to be long enough for me to be able to use hairsticks again! Now, there's so many wonderful items on the web you can choose from, I did find this one especially beautiful:

This gorgeous hairstck is pearl white and decorated with jade. It is beautifully shaped, so delicate and famine. I'm absolutely in love whit this Ketylos. I think it will make a beautiful gift for a special, romantic girl.

This is my favorite, but you might wanna see more of those hairstick. You can find them at Etsy shop, along with other original items: cussion covers, beaded lace necklaces and aprons.

Stunning! I love turquoise with brown, it's so elegant. This pillow case is 40 x 40 cm, cotton decorated with lace. Flowers and birds - gorgeous combination!

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