środa, 22 marca 2017

Pink Pussyhat Girls scarf and... a paiting class in US

Pink Pussyhat  on a scarf?

Early this year I had learned about the Pink Pussyhat Project in US.
It is a amazing how people can get together to make change and fight for their rights. As I fully support the movement I decide to paint a scarf commemorating Women March on Washington.

Pink Pussyhat Girls silk scarfs - close up
Pink Pussyhat Girls silk scarfs

The silk painting class in US

Recently I was contacted by a wonderful silk artist and silk painting teacher Petrouchka Moise. She asked me for a permission to use the Pink Pussyhat Girls scarf as a pattern for her class. I was over the moon! 

Here's a link for the amazing MooiLabs event that was organized by Petrouchka

And here are some photos from the silk painting class! WOW!

Petrouchka Moise and her class on Pussyhat Girls silk scarf
Paiting the Pink Pussyhat scarf during the classes by Petrouchka Moise
Silk painting class at Mooi by Petrouchka Moise

I love this! Fantastic work everyone! 
It gives me a great pride to be - in a very small part - involved with such amazing event!

To see more silk painting events and other art events, please check the Mooi Labs!

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