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Art Nouveau on scarfs - Jugendstil creations

Art Nouveau - my favorite style

In polish we call it secession,  meaning 'leaving the old behind' - so true! This is an art of nature, flowering ornamentation, asymmetric and pure beauty.
We had many wonderful artists creating in this amazing style, and Stanislaw Wyspianski and Alphonse Mucha are my absolute idols.
S. Wyspiański Iris flowers
Art Nouveau art is my source of inspiration, and sometimes I use it as a reference or even a base for my silk paints design. I love transferring Alphonse Mucha masterpieces into wearables!

A. Mucha 'Rose'

The scarfs in Art Nouveau style

Oh I have so many! Here are some photos of my designs. Enjoy!

Angel of Fire and Ice based on A.Mucha  'Feather'
Peacock Feather inspired by Art Nouveau ornaments
Mucha Rose scarf based on... A. Mucha 'Rose' :)
Firebird and Poppies inspired by Art Nouveau
Mucha Lilies scarf based on... A. Mucha art 'Lilies'
Angel Wings inspired by Art Novueau style
Oh, the list goes on and on, as I really feel I am one of the Art - Nouveau artists. Hope to prepare a Pinterest board with Art Nouveau pics for you!
Drop me a note if you want to be included, I will make the Pinterest board an Open Board.

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