wtorek, 4 sierpnia 2015

Stocking up... and a sudden lack of paint

Stocking up

Yes, recently I had some more free time from painting regular orders, so instead taking time off (who needs to rest?) I decided to paint some scarfs as a smart way of stocking up for the fall season.

Currently I have 20 ready to go scarfs at my Etsy shop, YAY

... and a sudden lack of paint

 Uhhh this was an upsetting discovery!

 I do not buy all of the colors needed in painting, I mix my own colors from primary (yellow, red, blue and black) so one fine morning I was left with no more blue... which means no blue, green, violet... ahhh! no way to paint!

So I am taking my time of eventually :) 

Have a great summer - time!

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