piątek, 23 stycznia 2015

Peacock hand painted silk scarf - the second day of painting!

The Peacock scarf is one of my most time consuming scarfs, but I really love painting it :) The yellow - blue color set is my favorite.

Here's the second day of painting! Enjoy!

The scarf is placed on the stencil after the gutta was removed. In the background you can see also my 'White Tree of Gondor' hand painted silk scarf. 

You can see that the peacock's head is once again protected by a new layer of gutta, to leave it's outline white. All the other white lines will be painted blue or yellow!

 Some of the lines are already painted! Can you see the difference? Adding an opposite color (turquoise) to the gold color set I try to make them 'sparkle' and vibrant!

  The close-up. Oh, this is TIMECONSUMING! Thank's God for the radio...!

  And now for the blue half of the scarf, it get's yellow outline.

If you wish to see the previous stages for painting the Peacock scarf go to my blog post here!

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