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Totoro silk scarf - painting process

Totoro silk scarf is ready!

When I started painting, I simply could not stop! I had a lot of fun!

 You can see I have take it all the way with color composition! I love sunny, bright and flowery colors and I think this goes well with Totoro.

There are 3 Totoros painted on the scarf: big on the one end and two small ones on the other end. There are also 3 Dustbunnies (or Soot Sprites), but they are small and well hidden :)

WIP photos - the silk painting 

I am very pleased with this design and I had great time painting. I took some photos to show you the process.
Paiting the Totoro scarf - almost done!

Some of the Flowers and Big Totoro are painted!

Totoro silk scarf - the begginig

Totoro silk scarf - gutta lines and a sketch (on the left)
 In the last picture you can see I have made a sketch first, along with the color set. I wanted to paint the biggest Totoro (Oh-Totoro) with a surprised expression, but instead I made him smile :)

It was a whole night job, and I am hoping to create another one based on this idea, but in white - gray - black colors, for geeky men ;)

...And what exactly is Totoro?

Oh This is simply one of the greatest movies (anime) of all times! If you haven't seen it, go find My Neighbor Totoro by Studio Ghibli right away! This is the most magical, heart - warming story ever told :)

Here's the Trailer for My Neighbor Totoro. Jus listen to this music :)

And that's the full picture here! Enjoy!
Totoro silk scarf - find it on ETSY!

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